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We at ARTH are known for manufacturing, importing, customising, processing and exporting diamonds and it caters to a number of countries globally across the globe. We trust in mixing present day strategies with our conventional qualities to turn rough diamonds into polished diamonds. 

Princess Cut Diamond

About Arth Diamond

Diamonds were formed billions of years ago and are very intriguing on the grounds for its hardness, brightness, and shimmer which makes them an amazing and pure form of jewel. In the imagery of gemstones, the precious stone addresses unflinching affection to anyone worldwide. An exceptionally high refractive power gives the diamonds its phenomenal brightness. The elements which increment the worth of a jewel to customers is our main motto to offer our customers at ARTH.


Diamonds are evaluated and ensured in light of the 4 c's at ARTH. The four c's indicate colour, cut, clarity and carat. 


 An appropriately cut diamond will return a more noteworthy measure of light to the eye of the spectator than will a diamond of lesser refractive power and will hence show up more splendid. The high scattering gives jewels their fire, which is brought about by the partition of white light into the shades of the range as it goes through the stone. One can find the best created and fine-architected precious diamond utilizing the profoundly ensured assortment just at ARTH. 


We at ARTH have a wide variety of Couture Diamond gems which meets to the fantasy of gems to every individual which also supplements a diva and luxurious look. 

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